Returns Policy


We will accept any item for an exchange at any time. We will accept returns for a full refund, less shipping costs or restocking fee, within 60 days from the date of purchase. The date of purchase is the date your order was shipped out. The items to be returned or exchanged have to be unused, in their original condition, in their original box and properly labeled.


 Sales of engraved items are final. Sales of orders shipped by truck, or common carrier are final. Sales of discontinued, discounted and sale item are final.


To return or exchange an item, you need to request a Return Authorization Number (RA#). Do not ship the items back without a Return Authorization, as we cannot guarantee proper credit without it.

All such packages will be refused. To request a Return Authorization Number, please send an e-mail with your Order Number


We are not responsible for shipping charges incurred to send the product back for return or exchange.


We reserve the right to charge a 20% restocking fee on returns on orders over $2500. There are no exceptions to this policy.
All credits for returned merchandise will be issued back on the same credit card the order was charged on initially.



Return a product?
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Breakage in Shipment

Nakawa accepts the responsibility for breakage during shipment to our customers. However, it is important that you notify us immediately upon opening the package if there are any broken pieces. Also, please keep all packaging materials from the shipment. Once you notify us of the breakage, we will replace the broken items at no cost, and retrieve the broken items from you at no cost.


If you have any broken pieces in your shipment, please send us an e-mail to and note your name, order number and items broken. We will contact you with replacement instructions the next business day.



Gift Message


We will gladly print and attach a Gift Message with your personalized sentiment to any order. You can include the message on our checkout/ order form.


You can also choose one of our to be enclosed with the gifts and hand written at an additional charge.



Gift Wrapping

We will gift wrap free of charge all your gift selections. We use high quality gift wrapping paper. The paper selection can be made during the checkout process. For more information please visit the Gift Wrap page.




We are able to engrave almost any piece we currently offer. We can engrave your company logo and appropriate message according to your instructions. Please visit our Customization page for more information on these services.




We pride ourselves on accuracy and you can rest assured that your order is in good hands. We automatically track each shipment to assure the prompt delivery of your package.



What Constitutes a Flaw in Crystal?

Frequently, we attempt to explain the facts of crystal artisanship to customers seeking flawless perfection in the artefacts they buy. In reality, such perfection can be achieved only in assembly line products. Of course, this is not possible or even desirable in quality ware whose manufacture depends so much on the skill and artistry of individual craftsmen. Slight variations in crystal ware pieces are actually a confirmation of fine crafting. Most customers who appreciate fine crystal understand this.


Is a "seed" or bubble a flaw?

No. The tiny "seeds", or bubbles the size of a pinpoint, visible when you examine crystal against a strong light, are formed by gases when chemicals unite in the fusing or melting of the raw ingredients. These bubbles do not affect the quality or the beauty of the glass.


Should all pieces of crystal be identical?

No. Each piece of crystal is unique. Slight variations of weight and sometimes height are a sign that each piece truly is individually crafted.


Is a line or "cord" a flaw?

A line or "cord" is an almost invisible difference in the density of the crystal that occurs during the fusing of molten crystal. It is visible when it reflects light. But when a goblet with a cord in it is filled with water, no light is reflected, and the cord becomes invisible.



Repairing of the chipped or broken crystal

If a piece of crystal gets broken, it cannot be repaired to as new condition. Nakawa does not suggest or endorse gluing or in any manner sticking the pieces together. Chipped glasses can be ground down at some repair shops, however these pieces will have an etched white rim and be considerably shorter than the rest of the pieces. Chipping or breakages are part of normal wear and tear of the pieces, and we suggest replacing them with new ones as they become damaged.



First class merchandise vs. "seconds"

Nakawa offers only the finest first class merchandise, in the original boxes. All pieces are manually inspected and are true pieces of premier art. Each piece is made by highly trained craftsmen in their traditional manufacturing process. Some manufacturers have little factory shops located in the originating countries adjacent to the production facilities. The pieces sold there are sometimes slightly flawed, without the original box and unsigned. Nakawa does not offer any of these products. If, by any chance, any of our products are returned to us because a customer was unhappy with the quality, Nakawa NEVER reships these products to another customer.. The returned pieces are then destroyed.