About Us


NAKAWA, is derived from the Arabic word Naqi which means pure and it is also a Swahili word that means Beauty, is what we are always searching for, it is what we strive to embody, it is what we want to see. It is what we want to surround ourselves with. For in a world where moments slip through our fingers faster than the mind can register, immersing our senses in a thing of beauty is something we can do to keep that little flame of joy kindled.


With a decade of surprising our customers with exquisite designs, we at Crystal Arc proudly bring to you a sliver of elegance and beauty everlasting. Presenting our all-new brand of crystal ware NAKAWA.


Here, art meets magnificence creating pieces of such unique beauty that will light up your homes like nothing else. Each piece exemplifies poetic brilliance. We have aimed to capture moments in all their glory and with care taken to preserve the tiniest of details just perfectly.


Every one of the pieces from NAKAWA effortlessly narrates a story from life, mythology and culture. The magic in the detailing brings to life the artist’s vision setting each one apart in its rendering. With artists from all over the world, the NAKAWA product line is a perfect blend of different creative sensibilities.


NAKAWA is one of the only commercially manufacturing brands to employ the Pate de Verre (glass paste) process for art glass and crystal sculptures in the Middle East. In this technique, crushed glass is packed in a refractory mould and then fused in a kiln originally invented by the Egyptians. Every NAKAWA piece has to pass 18 stages before reaching stores.


At Crystal Arc we are always aiming to outdo ourselves, NAKAWA, we believe, is the next level in terms of design and craftsmanship and standing true to its name, every piece will bring an exquisite charm and infuse lifelike rhythm to its surrounding. Undoubtedly, Nakawa will enjoy a ubiquitous presence in homes, offices, hotels or other establishments alike.